The LibAiff Library

Open-source implementation of the AIFF format

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What is LibAiff?

LibAiff is an open-source library, providing C applications transparent read & write operations for Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF) files, with the goal of supporting all of its features (see below).

LibAiff is released under the MIT/X11 license, it's lightweight, well-documented and portable.

The AIFF format features

AIFF is a very complete audio format, with features like metadata (name, author, copyright...), markers to positions on the sound, writing comments for each marker, and more; which make it an ideal format to store and interchange uncompressed audio data.

The AIFF format also supports a wide variety of sample sizes and sampling rates.

Features supported by current version of LibAiff

The current version of LibAiff should support:

Advanced features

Download LibAiff

Current Version: LibAiff 5.0

Source distribution includes a copy of the LibAiff Reference Manual. You have installation instructions on the README file.

Contributing to the project

This is an open-source project. Any contributions, comments, suggestions, patches, bug notifications, etc.; will be appreciated a lot :) ... you can contact the project administrator via e-mail on <>


The "official" documentation of LibAiff is the LibAiff Reference Manual, which explains all and each one of the LibAiff functions and features, how to use the LibAiff, and a general overview of AIFF and how audio is stored on it.

The LibAiff Reference Manual is distributed in the LibAiff source package.

You can also contact the project administrator via e-mail on <>

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